Friday, August 6, 2010

A very Bad Personal Experience.

(November 1999 - With Prof. Carlos Alberto Parreira at the Brazilian Football Academy, in Rio De Janeiro.) 

I was supposed to join Wits Academy at a time the Director of Coaching had gone to the UK for a vacation. Adam Ndlovu introduced me to a Moroka Swallows manager. An interview for a Development side was on the way but the salary was not my type.

Adam, while at Swallows had an agent called Gordon Ndlovu. He took sent me to Alexandra United. I went there and found a few officials and asked for the Chairman. I was told he would turn up soon and I waited.

The Chairman came and I went to meet him. Just after greetings, he told me he was going to see me later because he had something important on his plate. Watching the training session almost coming to an end, I went to him to let him know I may have to come sometime because it was dusk. He then told me that they already done trials, so it will have to be next season.

I explained I was a coach Gordon Ndlovu made an appointment for. All the officials turned around and said, "No, we have a CV of a certain guy who did bla bla bla, so you must have a better CV than that if you fancy your chances". I told them the CV he was reading was mine. They looked at me with a scorn and left. One guy remained and said to me, ' Bra, listen, the only way anybody can have a CV like this is if they are bald and have a pot belly. You look like an Amagluglug player.

That was it. At least he was frank. I quit football.