Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FIFA Fine For Dutch and Spain Unfair.

If you are reading this blog, you are a part of a growing community that includes big boys in the game in Europe. A few days back, I was wondering if the price tag Ashley Cole was likely to carry if he was for sale, was fair. I wondered if anyone hasn't heard of Omismor Bhasera. Guess what, he has suddenly become a very hot bun.

Peter Reid of Plymouth, says Crystal Palace want the Zimbabwean former Kaizer Chiefs left back. Their answer, 'He is not for sale'. Queens Park Rangers are also eyeing the offensive left back, whom they sound like prepared to keep.

My issue here actually is with Z├╝rich. The South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup final was ill-managed by one very good friend of Manchester United and then, The Netherlands and Spain have to pay Fifa for his bad job.

It would be good news if struggling teams in Africa, without mentioning any names, were to get the cool sum Fifa will pocket. The Dutch federation cough 15,000 Swiss francs ($14,480) after eight different players received yellow cards, and defender John Heitinga was booked a second time and sent off.

For their five yellow cards, Spain, will pay only 10,000 Swiss francs ($9,650) fine. If it is punishment, it serves them right though, but for big federations that have so much money, that is either half a slap at the back of a hand, or a slap on the back of half a hand, or both really.

Since Fifa's disciplinary code has a clause on team misconduct calling for a federation to be fined when at least five of its players are sanctioned in a match, they thought the match was a de-advertisement of the beautiful game. If it was that the ugly, they should have punished the teams and punish really good.

Was it worth the trouble FIFA to fine the teams so little? Is this deterrent enough?