Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bosso Will Win The Champions' League.


Ngubani Owayekhona.....?

There is two things I know, that one day Bosso will win Africa Champion's League, and that one day, I will win Africa Champions' League. I can not tell if that will happen the same year, and if it does how sweet. One, or both, of these things will happen in the next 10 years. Is it the incompetence of the current leadership or a financial crisis basically a sin inherited from the Ernest Maphepha leadership? Somewhere in between, is the truth.   

Depending On Luck.    

As it stands, sheer luck will give Bosso any silverware. Neither performance nor planning is of acceptable standards. At 7th on the log standings, the crown is out of reach. The ongoing BancABC Sup8r is the only hope for honours. Dynamos are the immediate threat, being semi-final opponents. If Bosso wins it, a CAF Confederation Cup beckons. By design, this Cup has no much prize-money.   

Genuine Leadership.   

Bosso will one day have a sound and knowledgeable Executive, better than we have seen in our lives. It will be the solution. They will some how do things differently, get better resources. No names are coming forth to replace the current committee, only the 'has been' are mentioned by fans. Why are those people not coming forth if they are the solution? It seems hard to get to know what the Committee is doing that they should not, or, what they are not doing that they should be engaging, and the reasons thereof.     

Good Coach.   

A great coach with vision, knowledge, tactical ability, an ambitious winner and schemer will coach Bosso. The Egyptian coach, Mohammed Fathi has a good CV but won't be getting my kisses any time soon. This new executive will have a local coach. They will not waste energy and money for coaches from elsewhere when good local coaches are unemployed and available. Local coaches won more Championships and Cups. They know the systems and have been assistants to all coaches of the world. They cannot die learning from experts. They have graduated now.   

Better Players.   

There will be a cream of players for the Africa Champions' League. Bosso will breed quality players who will be groomed knowing that they are future African Champions and be addicted to winning. Their blood must be black and white. Now that I tantalised my self with the possibility of coaching Bosso tomorrow, I need 5 years to achieve my goal. The Highlanders School Of Excellence (HSE) is a condition of my employment. The only person in the world to do this job, as you know by now, will be Madinda Ndlovu. This guy is Midas when it comes to spotting and nurturing talent.   

The Fans.   

BF will look and feel small once again. There will be talk to extend the Stadium and fit the roof. After the Champions' League victory, wild celebrations will spill to the Club House, in a prossession convoy of flags and car horns and vuvuzelas. Braai and drink will be in abundance. You will forget what is barberque. The football arenas of the Highlanders School Of Excellence at the Club House will be bedrooms to thousands. Tears of joy will not cease to dry, without anyone not knowing whether they are laughing or crying. Some will prefer long drive to the quieter outskirts of the City Of Kings: West, North West, South or the Drive-In straight north.      

Schools' Programmes.   

Bosso will be having a High School Football feeder programme whereby junior coaches visit and coach each school's football teams and basic equipment like balls, uniforms, shin pads and boots will be provided by the club to these schools. The players identified from further and isolated areas will be enrolled is schools within reach. The manager and assistant will liaise with the parents and teachers of these football players for their social and academic needs. They will feel part of the bigger picture in their school days. 

Big Money.    

Highlanders FC will attract big money, huge sponsorship. The team will open a full-time merchandise shop at BF, displaying everything the team has ever won, the pictures and selling memorabilia. The CEO who will foresee the Bosso Business Agency (BBA) will ensure a smooth operation of a Highlanders FC Funeral Insurance (HFP). A Bosso Medical Aid (BMA) is an option, but is usually susceptible to abuse by members.   

Highlanders Funeral Policy.   

The HFP will take the world by storm. It will be designed in a way that will make all burial societies redundant, or a very remote secondary option. It will be something available to people all over the world. Those who run this, will be very selfish but astute business people who know and love money. It will be the day that Highlanders has never seen, but will give hope that better things don't come to those who wait, but those who graft hard for their success.   

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