Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to counter the start/restart strategy

(Strategise as a coach -  Plan to plan)
We discussed how the start/restart has changed in recent months and how it is used. There was a brief look at how one can take advantage of the situation, but usually, you may be the small team and you face the similar situation.

How then, do you counter the long diagonal ball across, when playing against a technically superior team?

If you are the weak team playing against a team that will do that, then you need a counter strategy. 

Your wing defenders and wingers need to drop a little in anticipation of the long diagonal ball and runners. 

This ensures that the ball gets to them first or it falls in front of them without having to turn and face their goalkeeper from the onset.

In case the ball falls in front of them, and taken by an opponent, the wing players will have to use the touch line as a team mate and shuttle the opponent across the field or to play back. Then the objective is achieved.

No player wants to be tackled in the first minute or before the whole team has touched the ball. The other necessary thought to bank on is that the whole defense has time to shift while the ball is in the air. 

So, either way, use the tactic to intimidate a small team, and if you are small, do not be intimidated. Be prepared. Start at training.