Monday, July 24, 2017

Highlanders played Jomo Cosmos

(Bosso rumoured to visit RSA  soon)
Few weeks after the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Highlanders Football Club, the team known as Amahlolanyama of the Mantengwane fame traveled to Johannesburg by road to play the then First Division side, Jomo Cosmos.

The trip was Bosso’s first in more than 25 years. The match took place at the Johannesburg Stadium attracting 20 000 spectators and ending 0-0.

The match raised awareness of Xenophobia attacks and money for the victims of hate crime that began to spread in informal settlements of South Africa.

The noble cause of the organizers was overshadowed by the rousing welcome the team received by those who relived the glory of yesteryears.

The anti-climax of the display on the pitch epitomized what many shuddered to think about, that their beloved Highlanders had become a toothless bulldog.

Zimbabweans in Bulawayo knew how badly the team had deteriorated, but for everyone else, the state of denial never left until the fateful afternoon.

The once mighty team of the nation were indeed the weeping boys of the game they owned. Prior to the trip, the club faced disciplinary action and the magistrates’ courts for different reasons.

Fans had rioted at matches and the several debtors attached club equipment and property. The coach was Mohammed Fathi of Egypt, and a few months later, he took the club to the labor court to demand his payments. 

In short, the club had no money but plenty of debts.

Many people could not believe how average a team like Highlanders can become. You may have thought Bosso players had an opportunity to display their skills.