Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Highlanders; Did you know?

Highlanders Football Club was the first club to undertake a European tour in 1986 when the team toured Germany.

The successful trip profited the team as they had two luxury buses donated by their hosts. Willard Mashinkila Khumalo ?(mhsrip) and Madinda Ndlovu secured contracts that kept them there until the twilight of their careers.

Bosso had also achieved a first in becoming the first football club in Zimbabwe to engage the services of a foreign coach. Bobby Clark became responsible for the well-oiled development programs and coach education.

Years after he left, training sessions still dwelt on his imaginative physical sequential warm–up routine named after him.

The Bobby Circuit was a complete dynamic wholesome and rhythmic group exercise that catered well for a huge number of people.

Paired according to size, stamina, and speed, players would jog thrice or so around the pitch in two rows. 

The leading pair would sprint for about 10 meters and then revert to the jog, and then the next two would do the same overtaking the leaders, and keep a 10-metre distance ahead of the leaders and so forth until the leaders were in their initial leading position.

Next, in a similar fashion, it would develop into a zig-zag sprint until, again, the leaders were ahead of the pack and every pair had their turn. The leaders determined what came next and they would wait until all had their turn.

Those in front would then bend over, feet astride for the next pair to jump over them. The third pair would jump over the first and crawl under the next two, all at very high pace.