Saturday, July 1, 2017

German supremacy vs Africa demise

(Is Germany willing to share success recipe?)
This is a game of football, simplified by playing and complicated by coaches. In Africa, this is not true. Football administrators stuff things up, big time.

Are Africans football bosses "dataproof" or just allergic to information? Maybe simply put, they are dead dumb. Their vision is extremely blurred.

This is not surprising given the civil war on the continent. As long as wallets are lined up, all can suffer all they want. 

Football can rot to its satisfaction, to its heart's content. No wonder the game of talented players is a laughing stock to the world. It is no coincidence.

This calamity is a grand design perpetuated by the greedy and unscrupulous leaders with little or no fibre or bone of shame in their frames.

Remember the tired and wasted government to government agreements to develop football in Africa by Germany? Where is Germany today (2014 Fifa World Champions and 2017 Fifa Confederation Cup finalists) and where is Africa (turmoil and developmental regression)?

South Africa got Horste Kriete  and Zimbabwe got Reinhard Fabisch in the mid and late 1990s. Namibia had Jochen Pigge and Klaus Starke. This is an example of many in Africa.

What was the role and importance of these characters? To make Africa great again. Look at the Germany national team, then and now. Look at their development structures and the coach education.

Either they have fake things or Africans are utterly stupid. If not, Cameroon or any other African team was supposed to face Germany in the 2017 Confed Cup this weekend.

Go to Germany schools and see the qualifications of those who coach the children. They all play the same way as the national team. Compare that to the South Africans.

How many Germans have UEFA A and South Africans with CAF A? Enough of that. We will discuss another day.

I do not believe an adversary can prepare another for their benefit. Let us assume the Germans had Africa interests at heart. They gave their manpower and resources for free. 

Why did Africans fail to learn? We are assuming they got super education and means. I have no doubt of the ability of African players and coaches. I mention coaches because African coaches go to Europe and excel in UEFA C, B, A and Pro courses and even better their counterparts performances.

It may have seemed harsh to say our administrators have thick skulls, but how else can one explain it? Please enlighten us if you can. And can football superpowers really share relevant fresh up to date information with Africans because they know Africans are harmless mentally?

Let us use my theory that Europeans are out to murder African football by feeding the coaches and players with poisonous tactics and knowledge. How else would they approach this? Sponsor a detrimental and outdated obsolete program and keep plummeting the opponents to a football pulp.

African players possess the potential to undo any science and artificial tactics and plans. African coaches have not been given enough chance, resources or salaries to execute their duties as much as European counterparts. 

Until that happens, judging them is extremely unfair. In any case, less brainy or less qualified coaches are preferred by the big fish because they can manipulate them and give them less money.

That cycle can be repeated until another leader with a strong appetite for corruption takes office. 

Meanwhile, let us acknowledge the great development structures the Germans put in place. One can see the fruits of this young team at the 2017 Russia Confederation Cup. This team, besides the results, is dynamic, full of oomph, tearing down teams and going places.

All the best Die Mannschaft.