Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to capitalise on new rule changes

(Coaching Board)
The European Championship in 2016 brought something new at the start and restart of play. Play can start once the ball moves. The issue of direction was made redundant.

How do you take advantage of that play at the restart? If you have a ball, there must be wingers in the team ready to attack. These wing players must stay a meter of so away from the center line to sprint to the ball.

With one single diagonal kick, the ball can land behind opposition wing defenders, forcing them to defend facing their goal before even kicking the ball.

If the opposition is a small or weak team playing away from home, this drives fear in the team. They feel they are at the wrong place before the match really gets under way.

Their supporters feel the same pressure and can start whistling and booing their own team. The situation is not different if the match is home. The home fans begin to doubt their team's ability to play a high profile match, team or competition.

That is all you may need if all of your tactics are spot on. It is a cutting edge that your opposition may not anticipate.

In the next post, we will look at defending and how to coach it.