Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spain beat Australia 3-0 in 2014 Fifa World Cup

Goals from David Villa, Fernando Torres and Mata secured a victory for the faded Fifa World Cup champions, Spain, who were largely a second string team. To underline the insignificance of the fixture, the Socceroos looked disinterested anyway.

There was some measure of commitment and a degree of urgency from the Spanish attack, probably for the goal tally and future statistics. It might have been that the fringe players were trying to prove that they were supposed to have been the main actors in a romantic movie that turned into horror.

Play started in midfield and played to the right. Juanfran received the threaded ball, took it to the by-line, and cut it back for Villa who faced the ball, let his leading left football pass in front of the coming ball. As the ball went through his wide-open legs, he dragged the trailing one to score a cheeky goal past a guessing goalkeeper.

Iniesta, from the central position in midfield, found Torres on the left with a through ball inside the penalty area. The Chelsea striker took his time to control and tuck in the ball past a diving Matthew Ryan.

Play on the left side of the midfield was played across the box by Cesc Fabregas to Mata who received it at the far post and pushed it between the goalkeeper’s legs. Spain kept looking for easy goals and wasted many opportunities as they began to be selfish. That performance did not stop the embarrassment of their failure to make a better impression as the defending champions as they left with their tails between their legs.