Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dynamos 1, Highlanders 0 (By Ezra Tshisa Sibanda)

(By Ezra Tshisa Sibanda)
Ridiculed and embarrassed, After 8 years of trying Highlanders Bosso wanted to show how good they were this time around, they talked themselves up and looked at their opponents Dynamos as equals. In the end, they were just loudmouths, ridiculed and made complete fools of, by out of form but determined DeMbare.

This was a chance for Bosso to finally end the dominance of DeMbare, they have the squad which should be delivering but they have been found wanting yet again. In the past, excuses were given that the team lacked depths and experience hence played second fiddle to their fiercest rivals. Beginning of this season, Highlanders executive went out in full force purchasing players in preparation for the season while the coach was away supposedly at his usual training courses which seem not to be helpful to the cause. With all these players and such a big squad how and why is Bosso still performing badly?

In football, consistency is the key and it is opposite at Highlanders. The technical team led by their head coach have failed to come out with their first eleven since the season started. As far as I'm concerned the head coach calls the shots, he is responsible for team selection and certainly the blame should be on him. The way he tinkers with his team, week in week out, makes people wonder what his strategy is all about and how he expect to win games without continuity.

Players need to get used to each other, create an understanding, to know each other's strength and weaknesses so as to compliment one another during games but it is impossible with this coach who changes the team every game they play. Basic football requires you not to change a winning team and it is the opposite at Bosso. You do not need the most talented individuals to be a good side. Football is a team game, Highlanders do not play as a team because for the last few seasons at least, they rarely play with the same 11 in the same positions for two games in a row.

A huge part of football is becoming drilled in your job and learning the nuances of your team mates. This manifests itself in accurate passing and intelligent movement and thus creating half decent chances. Bosso have none of this, the poor coaching strategy, team and formation selections over the past few years, rendering this Bosso side, a team of strangers and boy does it look like it, with lack of communication and wayward passing all day long.

We also lack guile in the midfield and attack, we seem naive in our play, getting caught forward. My main concern is the defence. Where are the young players to take us forward in the positions held by the ageing Mapuranga and Fazo and why don't we get a real right back than playing ageing defensive midfielder Munawa out of position? From top position two weekends ago, Bosso are now number 4 and going down the ladder!

Lets face it, the problem is deeper at Bosso! Highlanders FC lacks real valuable characters, we do not need people with spoilt attitude, no dedication and no commitment. It is plain to see that if you want to win at club level, you don't need players like the current majority at Bosso. You need players like the late greats; Mercedes Sibanda, Cleopas Dlodlo, Adam Ndlovu, Benjamin Konjera (may their souls rest in peace) Willard Khumalo, Peter Ndlovu, Madinda Ndlovu, Netsai Moyo, Abraham Madondo, Peter Nkomo, Douglas Mloyi, Zenzo Moyo, Siza Khoza, Thabani Masawi, Dazy Kapenya, Alexander Maseko, Dumisani Ngulube, Tobias Mudyambanje to name some of the finest Highlanders past players who would huff and puff, break legs and sweat blood to ensure Highlanders are victorious against rivals.

They wouldn't let themselves and the club down and allow to be dominated by one team for all these years. With the current crop of players led by the current coach, there is a very slim chance they will improve this season, and to win the championship is to beat your fiercest rivals like Dynamos. The unbeaten run is gone in smoke, so those who were bragging about it what's your defence now? Bosso now need to pick themselves up after today's fiasco. Nothing insurmountable, as long as Kaindu's protégés show more appetite than in their first half of this season so far!