Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brazil, Netherlands, Chile and Mexico, two of these will not win the Fifa World Cup

Brazil will seek to eliminate Chile in their quest for glory. The Netherlands will want to represent non-South Americans and gun for the elusive title when they date Mexico who are maturing and getting better with each match in the tournament in Brazil.

The four have now set a date for second round encounters, a date that sets to send a pair home. For the sake of the progress and success of the Brazil Fifa World Cup, Brazil need to up their game in defence if they are to be in shape to deal with the marauding attacks of the Chileans.

Brazil has issues with the pair Thiago Silva and David Luiz playing too far apart, poor in marking and losing their men and positions easily. As if that Achillies’ heel is not enough, their central striking position is a worry for the hosts. Even though Fred scored, his threat has been so insignificant that he may be a liability in future matches.

Given their men in camp, they should consider using Neymar in that position, as a false number 9. That will necessitate the swap in the set-up, with Hulk resting and Fedinandinho coming in to tighten things up. This will provide cover in front of the defence. The interceptions in midfield will mean more control of the match from that department going forward. It will facilitate the ball supply to Neymar.

The other option would to utilise Ramirez from the onset, but the Chelsea workhorse is sitting on a yellow card at this point on time. Further down the line of options would be the involvement of Dante in that central midfield position and have David Luiz push in front of Thiago and Dante.

Permutations and combinations aside, the technical team has work to do. So far, they have been buoyed by the home crowd and they are yet to face stern tests. Are they ready for the pace and skills of the world ‘s top strikers? Time will tell.