Monday, February 24, 2014

Whose title is the English Premier League 2013/2014?

Here are the numbers meant to confuse the neutrals and give hope to the fanatics. Plenty twists and turns are in store as the count down to the end of the season begins. As much as they say figures do not lie, I do not believe the current status of the table and believe me, this picture will be different when the curtain comes down. Our predictions always set Manchester City to top the league with Chelsea and Arsenal depuitsing either jointly or separately. There is little doubt that Liverpool will be in the Champions' League next season as the fourth team on the log. 

The form and performance of City is a huge worry at the moment but the return of Aguero soon will see them stop behaving like senior citizens, and Chelsea seem to be getting the results but are not convincing at all. They get the points week in and week out almost singing the blues but for how long? As for the fragility of Arsenal, it is there for all to see. On their day, as seen by the Rosicky goal, they can gun down anyone with the ease of a hot knife through butter, but who can forget that drubbing at Anfield? The Reds' form is receiving a decent rub from lady luck despite Luis Suarez not netting prolifically as we know him to. As his goalscoring form picks up, Liverpool will be walking really tall. I guess Manchester United fans will be forgiving to David Moyes as their rise to decent levels will bring less worries but they will not be in Europe by their current form, especially through a top four finish. See the numbers below courtesy of


#TeamMPWDLFADPLast 5 matchesH2H
6Previous rank: 72713684331+1245WDDLW
7Previous rank: 62612953727+1045LLWLD
8Previous rank: 927124113338-540WLLLD
9Previous rank: 82710983832+639LWDWD
10Previous rank: 112787123134-331WWWWD
11Previous rank: 132786132931-230WLWDL
12Previous rank: 102777133640-428LDWLW
13Previous rank: 122777132737-1028LDLLW
14Previous rank: 162777132039-1928WLDLD
15Previous rank: 142769122742-1527LDDWL
16Previous rank: 152682161836-1826LWLWW
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