Friday, February 7, 2014

Is the Highlanders Patron issue worth the debate?

On the matters of Highlanders Football Club, tradition is rooted in the origin of the club and the transition and transformation of the club over the many years evolved over one standing unchanging figure in club Patron, Taffi Moyo. Besides the club colours and the name, that has been one constant in this equation at Bosso.
I am not informed why, but there was a desire and move to unseat him and bestow the status on another individual. The motive of this by the few passionate supporters might have been noble, but given that the individual in question, ‘ubaba uMoyo’ is advanced in age and not even influencing matters at the club, I am a little bewildered and think of it as bizarre.
I will need educating on this matter as to the role expected of him and what the new Patron would have been assigned to do. I am of the opinion that whatever the new Patron identified by the new generation could be asked to perform, they do not need the capacity of club Patron to execute the duties for that function.
Reports said the individual or group that sought to have ‘ubaba uMoyo’ removed from his position were thwarted only by legality. It may be that they wanted the position completely made redundant or given to someone else. Besides the legal position of the process, I think it is over the top to ask that the club elder be replaced. This is not withstanding his duties and the reason of his being there.
As much as I may not agree as well with the replacement of board members, I would understand the call to remove them as they wield power and influence the running of the club. The club Patron has been a ceremonial father figure of the club, a symbol of the tradition and culture of the club, a people, a pride.
The request of that nature equates to treason. It is tantamount to asking the club colours to be changed from black and white to blue, or changing the club name from Highlanders to Highynamos. Some things are never thought of, or touched. That is a classic example. I am very certain the idea was a noble one, whatever it was, but if well thought of, whoever can be club Patron, and has to perform certain duties, let him do so as an individual.  
I was impressed by the Chairman, Peter Dube’s position to put it into perspective, that it was taboo to have discussed the matter to start with. His point being that the roots of the team is linked by an umbilical cord to graves of Nkulumane’s sons. He duly mentioned that, traditionally, the sun does not rise before sunset. It may not be enshrined in the constitution how the Patron is elected and regardless I hope that, God forbid, when the sun sets, another shall rise exactly in the same way that it always rises. That tradition shall be allowed to be the hallmark of the team throughout transformation and evolution of our times.