Monday, February 17, 2014

Arsenal are genuine pretenders.

If you read this a week ago, it would have read; "If it flies like a bird, looks like a bird, it is probably a plane." Arsenal never fail to prove me right. Despite their strong claim to the title this season, I never believe they are champions elect. That 5-1 drubbing by Liverpool was embarrassing for a team that was supposed to announce its arrival to the conquerors of domestic leagues. That remains a huge set back, forget about the revenge in the FA fixture this weekend.

As much as the Gunners were too eager to prove their fragility, Manchester City were busy making a nuisance of themselves, dropping easy points. Well, the loss to Chelsea in particular was really not a bad thing thing for football. I have an issue with that result given how much I had seen the boring side of Jose Mourinho's side toil by huffing and puffing against mediocre sides. The falter by Arsenal and City just throws everything I believe about the English game out of the window.

As it is, I will not be making any new predictions and the twists and turns seem to be coming thick and fast. The probabilities seem to metamorphoses week in and week out. The slumps suffered by these teams can prove decisive as they have a potential to be relevant at the end of the season. Teams go through lean spells. Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur had their share and if their last few matches are anything to go by, they may be over the hill. It could be that the Gunners and the Citizens are taking their turn in their fortunes.

The Blues still have to show us where they are, where they want to be, rather than bask in the glory of once in a blue moon sublime performances of Oscar at one time and Edin Hazard at another. The further inconsistancy by Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea will see Liverpool snatching the 'title condenders' tag. Regardless of their form, Manchester United and Spurs are very much unlikely to get there.

I am tempted to ignore Chelsea's shelving of Demba Ba and Fernando Torres. Both could be very useful to Arsenal. The title could be decided easily as I thing that the pair are the most under-utilised players in the world right now. I am not sure that it is the case based on their ability and inability but I think their services are not compatible with a project Mourinho has in mind. But what a waste!

As for Arsenal, they will always look and fly like a bird. Maybe, just maybe this year is theirs but I doubt it very much. I think they are genuine pretenders.