Friday, May 31, 2013

Highlanders replica jersey arrived and check out the price!!

The undisclosed amount of Highlanders Bosso replica jerseys for the funs were unveiled and hande over to the club for distribution at a price of $50.00 in a function that was held in Harare.

In a deal between Adidas and both Dynamos and Highlanders, the clubs stand to benefit a cool $3.50 (7%) from the sale of each unit. It has been said that arrangements for shipment will be made for those purchasing from far away places.  many

The guess is that payment online will be made available for the convinience of the people in the diaspora. One could not establish what else in terms of menchandise was available from Adidas and BancABC. Hats, scarfs, gloves and flags may still be left to the clubs to produce and market.

This deal is said to have been brokered by BancABC, while earlier on, the understanding was that it was a through pass to Edazi Kasinauyo's company to source the kit and the deal for the two clubs through BancABC. It is reported that an approved retailer will receive the merchandise from Adidas in South Africa and sell the jerseys to the public.

These will be sold in home matches and approved shops still to be specified. This brought excitement to fans and pundits alike. The issue of Bosso associating with Adidas overshadowed the issue of the club's share. There is not much doubt how many jerseys will be sold. All the years we have cried for the Bosso family to open up the minds and think business.

At 7% share per shirt, many people could have made better offers, not for the jerseys, because I truly think Adidas are the best and they gave a good deal. A lot of business people are availavble to manufacture and distribute so much for their gross share of 93%.

This includes the books I wrote and proposed a 50% share of the net. It just shows how much onew thinks by heart without a business mind. Mind-blogging was the club's insistance on 100%. At this point, no books have been sold, meaning that the club received 100% of nothing. If a 1000 were sold, the team would pocket around R50000.00. This is not to take away the shine of this deal, but opens the eyes of what the club should be loking at about everything else.

What has not been clear is how long the deal is for and if it invoves any training kits as well as apparel for the junior teams. I am neither sure how much else the team gets for donning Adidas kit and the length of that part of the deal. Like all new toys, we hug and embrace the fresh start and hope it undures the hard times. It is however worrying that the club still claims financial hardships while being kitted by such a strong brand.

Besides the financial obligations, Adidas could as well furnish the coaches' offices if they have, and equip them with the high-tech gadgets. The assumption is that they supply cones, maniquines, bibs and balls, not just shorts, shorts and socks for the team.

It would also be nice if they endorsed local players and supplied them with footall boots even if it was for $10000 per annum. The football boots can be named after these players in the local market and many people would have the pride to wear the brand their heroes use. All this could be a done deal but many people that were asked could not provide the answers, regardless of their lose ties to the top.