Friday, May 17, 2013

GBP 35 000 000 for EPL tail-enders? I wonder.

Manchester United quickly named David Moyes as the replacement of the retired revered Sir Alex Ferguson who retired after over 26 years of serviced, leading the club in over 888 matches. However, Chelsea took some time in landing Jose Mourinho back to Stanford Bridge, maybe with good reason because The Only One still had a job to do at Real Madrid. Given the sack of bank notes to spend, it will be interesting who his targets are.

Manchester City are also managerless as we speak. Roberto Mancini was booted out by the Citizens after failing to win anything in the 2012/2013 season despite his enormous wage bill and talent to die for. Speculations about his replacement and his destination have been interesting. Manuel Pellegrini is front runner for the post but it still remains to be seen his interest and the true interest of the club in him.

Of course, there is speculation of Rafa Benitez leaving Chelsea and donning yet another blue shirt. The Interim One leaves Chelsea in an excellent shape indeed but The Special One will shuffle things around and enter the market as usual. While City may give him the petro-dollar, Everton would suit his project, or the Toffees project would suit him. Afterall, he lived at Merseyside.
However, Everton insiders will tell you Gustav Poyet is favourite but his experience may not be suitable to keep Everton up there. It would be Roberto Martinez's excellent destination and opportunity to fulfil his potential. There will be questions of who replaces Martinez at Wigan if he leaves. I guess it will be a question of when he leaves.

Real Madrid should scouting by now and Carlo Ancellotti has been tagged the front-runner, but the Italian expressed his contentment at PSG. His statements proves there was a possible shift for whatever reason despite his commitment that he will stay. He claimed he was staying although he wanted to sit and talk to the bosses. If he left, the new French champions will be entering the market for a new mentor.

Talking of commitment, Martin Jol also stamped his final decision of staying at Fulham. He quashed the rumours of a possible move elsewhere. The rumours were based on the small budget reported for the player transfer market. It seems Mohamed Al Fayed will be forking out a few millions for his manager's wish list.

Elsewhere, Wolverhampton Wanderers parted with Dean Saunders while Millwall had Kenny Jackett at the helm. Donchester are seeking the replacement of Brian Flynn and Hartlepool's John Hughes has moved on either for greener pastures or promoted.

Blackburn and Sheffield United are also managerless and will surely be looking at possible candidates from a list that includes the managers associated with City and Everton. Wigan will be hunting if Martinez leaves. With Queens Park Rangers and Reading going down to the Championship, it may be safe that they will keep their managers in a bid to come back quickly.

These managers earn much and may need health budgets to make their missions possible. This may never be compatible with the purses of their directors who have to cope with the busy schedules of the league as well as the experience of the league's seasoned campaigners. 

On the upside, I heard a very healthy rumour that the last team on the log pockets GBP35, 000 000. That cash should be sweet enough to bounce the team back in the Premiership. While this source was reliable, I was wondering how much Manchester United as champions get for their troubles. In any case, it is encouraging to come last if this is true.