Monday, June 3, 2013

Bosso can afford to dress fans the replica jersey for a $1

Putting this to bed, the deal of replica jerseys by Adidas for Highlanders and Dynamos will spurn three years and thousands of fans are expected to get the regalia of their favourite team in this period of time. Comparison with the acquisition of the shirts between Bosso and Dynamos will always be pop-up as these teams always compete on all fronts. 

While there is not much details of how much the whole deal is worth for Highlanders Football Club, there is a question of whether it is a deal between BancABC and Adidas or between Adidas and clubs. Whatever the case, many believe that the issue is immaterial. It is thought that courting Adidas into this deal is a coup on its own. For us who do not believe in a half a loaf, we may sound sceptical but in all truth, it is worthwhile.

So far, the role of a mediator company's role is extremely being down-played. The present picture painted has it that Adidas provides, through sponsors BancABC, the playing kit, the training kit, the warm-up tracksuits, sneakers as well as balls - which could be both match and training balls.

The initial 2500 shirts are said to be available for each team to sell and pocket $8750.00. Many viewed the figure of $3.50 per shirt as little. After all, comparing to genuine Bafana Bafana, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates shirts, the $50.00 is not a bad deal. It may be worth finding out how much Pirates gets from Adidas, but then, Bosso and Pirates are oceans apart. However, a Pirates fan has a more conducive economic environment to juggle his income and expenditure figures.

As always in this forum, we are never short of ideas for the struggling Zimbabwean fan. More precisely, we always have solution for the Bosso family. While it is appreciated these do not get to the office, it is worth trying to send a note there. One day these things may be taken seriously and the club may sing a different tune.

The first thing, the Zimbabwean mentality is way different compared to the world. This is due to the education system. Zimbabweans think at extremes in terms of what is good money and what it takes to earn the money. Making a $1 in a while can only be done by begging. The sums of many $1 is never beyond the $1. Figures never lie.

For starters, Bosso can devise a system that is less labour intensive but less exciting in making their fans wear these replica jersey for a $1 or two. The match tickets are about $3 each. Many people struggle if they have to watch the match for $5, especially if they will get the same stuff whether they pay $3 or $5. What the club may do, is to sell the raffle tickets parallel to the match fee, say $1. That could mean one or every home match, 2500 fans would win themselves replica jerseys at a cost of $1. I wouldn't mind.

Few jerseys could be raffled each match day to maintain the excitement. The problem here could be the number of tickets not making much cash compared to the cost of jerseys, but it depends on mechanisms built around the process. 

A better but labour intensive way would be to let 2 or 3 people take the jersey to every portion of the stadium sitting a 100 fans, sell 100 tickets for say $1 at half-time, make an instant draw and give away the jersey. That would be $100 for a jersey on the spot. The winner dons a genuine $50 Bosso jersey for a $1. Others may even cry for an 'enchoe!' 

This process means there would have to be many Bosso people around the stadium doing this in a short space of time - 15 minute half-time. This can be a tradition that the team may cultivate and give away many other products. Either way, fans will don jerseys for less and losing $1 in trying to get a $50 replica jersey is not much of a loss. Many would actually donate much more, some even their lunch for the love and worthy cause of iBosso.