Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kelvin Kaindu could be under-utilised by Bosso

A visit to Barbourfields Stadium after a decade did revive memories, some good memories but there was a deep sense of sadness and loss at the thought of the departed heroes of the game. I paid tribute to them throughout an emotional 90 minutes cherishing every minute of their contributions, but that is not what I want to talk about.

I dislike being the prophet of doom or the bearer of bad news. I will however express my disappointment at the lack of the black and white regalia. There were few people here and there clad in the team colours. The highlight of it was the home-made white coveralls inscribed in black. That innovation was proof enough how much less the club put effort in decorating their fans.

The make-shift hats and T-shirts will be hard to get rid of after the official launch of the replica jerseys. At least the jerseys are said to be here, but the market waited for too long. The reasons usually border on the excuse of the agreement between the club and the sponsors. The sponsors' contracts do not have a provision for scarfs, umbrellas and the bandannas.

It is quite a big picture to talk about that. Highlanders needed to sell something in there somehow. It could have been peanuts or juices, I do not know. There could have been seat cushion or gloves because of the cold weather.

Someone needed to have anything, any form of memorabilia. To make matters worse, I entered the stadium and even the ticket stub was taken away. I have no proof I was in there. There is no way I can prove I payed $30 for the match (2 tickets). I think it was one downside that the match was overpriced that the stadium was not full for that How Mine match. A full house paying less is indeed better, but one has to understand the Executive Committee thinking. They hoped for the full house at a high cost.

As we speak, it has been reported there would be a 'launch' or 'presentation' of the official replica jerseys somewhere in the capital of Zimbabwe. There has not been wind of the price or accessibility of the merchandise online for the diaspora. I will leave much to imagination and hope for the best.

As much as I tried to check, there was no video recording of the match. I still hope I am wrong and someone will come and tell me that there is always someone recording matches for the club. This does not need to be professional.

Video recording is not just for archives but at this day and age, a coach cannot work without recording his matches and training session. The importance of video analysis need not be over-emphasised. That is the only way to access whether today's session is better that yesterday's. The benefits are better known to Kelvin Kaindu and crew.

KK, as a member of the FA Licensed Coaches Club like yours truly, has access to some software to assist in match analysis at a very huge discount. He has access to the Club's elite website with all goodies in terms of tactical and technical tools in preparing the team and analysing the matches. Without the video recording, he is made to work well under-par. He becomes like a normal Zimbabwean coach.

I assume he has already received his passwords from the FA to unlock this potential but nonetheless, there are many free tools that he can utilise if the recordings are in place. I pray the club has the equipment, because a simple video recorder will do. The software will enable him to tag players and do everything he needs to work. At around $150 a basic video camera, the extra fares supporters paid through the turnstiles, it cannot run dry the club coffers.

Having watched the single match, I saw one tall man in the rear guard. They called him Fazo. He was outstanding and for me, he could play and be a good anchorman.