Sunday, November 18, 2012

United beaten by Norwich as Arsenal gun Spurs

Manchester United earned my praises last week and went on to flop. I hammered Arsenal and they proved me wrong. I can tell you both of these cases are temporary.

United were disjointed by a gutsy Norwich top-drawer performance that was capped by a wonderful goal that was preceded by a mouth-watering build-up of intrinsic inter-passing.

The Gunners were gifted easy goals by Tottenham Hotspur defence that leaked elephants. Never will you see more atrocious defending, even if they tried harder to beat their own record.

The 1-0 loss to Norwich meant United will serve coffee to their 'winning neighbours' until they decide to restore order. Manchester City clobbered Aston Villa 5 without reply. I was very much disappointed for the find of the season contender, Benteke. That is a fantastic player.

Spurs proved that they are not fighters and their tactical quality was so questionable as they failed to have a meaningful plan to turn their one man numerical disadvantage into something. It was left to Gareth Bale individual brilliance to light up things a little.

5-2 was a modest result, given the Gunners turned up and played a much positive game. Only that Arsene Wenger's men do not know the league is 38 matches long, they could easily dispatch a lot of teams with that performance. We await the team that will turn up in their following matches.

City were a little solid and bulldozed a bemused Villa team that was nervous. They conceded the 2nd and 3rd goals when they could have comeback into it.

Let us mention Liverpool. A two goal salvo by the unpopular Luis Suarez saw the Reds run away 3-0 winners. I only want to talk a little about Sterling. What a young talent. I pray he stays in good hands that will believe in him. I am reminded of one Harris from West Ham, some season or two ago.

Whatever happened to that star. I hope he will resurface somewhere sometime soon.