Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arsenal need solutions very fast

As much as I am not a fan, never have been and never will be, judging by the history of probably the greatest Manchester United that failed to sway me, Sir Alex Ferguson’s team have style. Not that they play good or fancy stuff, but their comeback history has a message - a loud and clear message. They are back.

It is not only that they are back, I fear them. Many call me a prophet of doom, after I foretold the demise of Arsenal the year they sold Emmanuel Adebayor. To many, they wanted to twist the fact that all I was saying was Ade was Arsenal. That was their choice.

That coincided with the greatest revolution of Tottenham Hotspur, and for many then, it was an illusion. The English Premier League got mingled with bad apples in terms of player movement. That deterioration of the Gunners was written on the sky by there was no time frame how much the flop would last. It seems permanent; going by the way they go about their business.

As for Spurs, I was a true and complete fan of Harry Redknapp, the only solution to the Emirates woes, if someone wants to talk football. Chelsea blow hot and cold and their huge signing look too over-rated to make the league look different. This is however not true with the champions, Manchester City.

City seems to be brewing their fatal concoction. For a fact, the have the talent and will-power, and as you may know by now, it is not going to be enough - not yet, at least. Theirs is an aging egocentric battalion of over-paid misfits.

It could be something to do with Roberto Mancini or his paymasters, but let us come to the area of my concern. United are either being handed the crown or buying it for a song from their neighbours. Don’t get me wrong, they fight and throw kitchen sinks and toilet seats at everything coming their way.

They play the game the way all should. What makes one wonder is how City, Liverpool and Arsenal cannot have the same hearts of lions. There is no question of Wayne Rooney or Robin van Persie’s talents. They are not easy to contain.

Save for Eric Cantona, Andrei Kanchelskis, Ole Gunner Solskjaer and of late Ashley Young, United signings failed to impress me. I think Berbetov was my kind of player but saw less action. There is this young man, Chicharitto Hernandez. He does everything right in terms of scoring, but very far of impressing me or being my favourite.

It could be he has a very strong bond with the boss, just like Antonio Valencia. I am not sure if Valencia really gives his worth’s performance to the club, because, maybe due to his role outstanding talent among the ordinary as his previous club, I am still to see the reason why he keeps his place in the team, week in and week out.

Such analysis may truly be porous and maybe should be left to the United fans. What one can focus on, is the possible second, third and fourth spots that are likely to be missed by Arsenal, not matter how they appear to be doing for now. While they troubles could be solved overnight by a decision to fire Wenger and hire Redknapp, the former Spurs boss will be prudent enough to get a sound goalkeeper and romp in Liverpool’s Luis Suarez.

Only then can the Arsenal gun for the honours.