Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What Highlanders Need Right Now! The Book

This is a book written a few years back about the state and future of a Zimbabwean most famous club, Highlanders Football Club of Bulawayo.

The book summarises the history of the club, its formation, isolation from the league, in-cooperation into main stream football, the great and worst moments and how it can harness its great stature to come out of the perennial financial crises perennially. 

A chapter by chapter post per week version will be published in this blog for your consumption. Further to this book, there will be another, 'The Midfield Generals', an almost player by player summery of the legends of the club.

It is my hope that the followers of the club will embrace a culture of growing the brand further, and that the powers that be will be able to take a few tips and harness the huge following of the club to make financially sound decision to implant a fiscal discipline to their successors.

This is also meant to introduce the club to those less familiar to it and hopefully recruit them to this massive brand of raw passion and greatness. 

Your contributions and comments are welcome. Looking forward to our first post tomorrow.