Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The English Premier League is coming home

 One of the hardest things in my football is dealing with the undeniable ascendance of Arsenal as real. The greatest thing in the English Premier League right now is the undoubted Luiz Suarez performance. Do not crucify him for his antics, but the professionals that he fools, should be the ones ashamed. Let us remember that Liverpool already have passed their cloud number nine, and seem to have hit the ceiling. It could be the resurgent Tottenham Hotspur that dwarfs their good run, but their scoring habits have shaken the league greatly. They could have been above the Gunners and duly claimed the ‘title contender’ tag, had their defending been sounder.
It sounds unrealistic to write so much positivity of the game without mentioning Manchester United. Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, or is it the arrival of David Moyes, the wheels have come off the wagon. Depending therefore, it could be that SAF went with the wheels or DM is not skilled enough to fit them on. All is not gloom and doom as Manchester has City to fly the flag of town.
Manchester City are a safer bet by far to land the title, despite their questionable away performances, especially their defending. I am not a Manuel Pellegrini and I believe it is more of the quality of Aguero, Silva, Toure, Negredo, Navas, Nasri and the rest of the gang than the class of the manager. I am not saying he is bad, but his material is a universe more superior to any other in the league.
Spurs had the material before Gareth Bale left, and they added what I could have never bought, with all due respect to their purchases. AVB failed to formulate a system of any kind and he tried to play a game that I could recognize. It does not surprise me Tim Sherwood is reaping the results this easy. Jermaine Defoe is nowhere close to being finished and he never used him, Aaron Lennon was fading – injuries aside, Dembele was being sidelined. I will not mention Adebayor.
What interests me as much as it should interest you is the Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea. I was as sceptic about The Special One’s return Stamford Bridge as I was about both AVB’s pedigree and expenditure, as well as David Moyes’s suitability to Manchester United’s quest. Mourinho has proven me wrong. It is normal for him to cut, chop and change with amazing success. He has kept and used most of what he found there and the same players work differently.
There will be a lot to discuss but the obvious stories are ever the rise and rise of Roberto Martinez, the shrewdness of Brendan Rogers, the perennial troubles of Sam Alladyce of West Ham United and Paul Lambert of Aston Villa. As stingy as Arsene Wenger is, it would be a given to win the 2013/2014 title is Cristian Benteke arrived at the Emirates. As it is, the Gunners are pretenders. We will only call them zebras after we see the stripes.