Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why you should consider Manchester City champions in waiting

The Citizens score for fun but need to defend well. Champions defend well and beat fellow contenders. Maybe not as crisp as Barcelona, City can excite you. Their biggest weakness is consistency. One moment they send chills down the small teams by beating bigger clubs, the next, they faulter in their travels.
They have shown some acceptable maturity of their unit over time this season. They suffered the loss of Samir Nasri and never shown their lack. Sergio Aguerro was also missing for a while and they never lost shape. The same goes for the absence of David Silva. It is a manager’s dream to have such a complete side.
Edin Dzeko always acted an impact player’s role, but he has stepped up to the plate to be as key as the main man, Negredo. So far, they are satisfying flowing forward and Vincent Kompany is a defender we saw in the championship winning side a few seasons back. As solid as they are, their leakage against set pieces may be a concern but my opinion is the absence of Lescott, whom I think either Arsenal or Liverpool should sign before a shine comes off his paint.
Otherwise, City have this championship wrapped up already and it is theirs to throw away.