Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Highlanders need right now!

(Unrevised) What Highlanders need right now! Over two years now, this titled post was popular, ushering a new club executive after a tumultuous Themba Ndlela term. Tumultuous in terms of debts and financial woes that were not of any man's making. Schemes to raise a dollar per head and so many ideas and proposals were thrown around. All it was, was just ideas. It remained ideas and it is still ideas to date.

One such idea was a book or bulletin that was produced under the name 'What Highlanders need right now!' was meant to raise issues about the club's finances and ideas of what can be done, while making cash for the club. It was a short cut to blah blah blah, but that was exactly what happened to it - cut short.

The copy of the book was sent to the club office and two phone calls were made to the Chairman and the Secretary General about the idea of the project. The book was meant to clear any doubts of the intention. The response is still to come and the club finances are still the same.

It is understood that there is a question of the integrity of whoever can lead the project. In short, the problem is that I can make cash in the name of the club and run away. Maybe not run away, because where is there to run and how fast will I need to do that at my age.

The idea was simple. While throwing wide wild and green ideas of what the club and fans can do to assist the growth of the club purse wellness, that process was meant to generate funds on its own. Reading about what one can do, what others did and are planning to do, as well as anticipating how things may shape up, would cost about $10, of which $5 would go to the club. The book would contain future plans for the club.

The advantage of this was very simple. From here, it is very easy to see, observe, critique and criticise, without fear or favour. This is what we try to do, but without losing focus or the objective. All the powers that be need to do is take what is workable and implement it. That would surely need the support of the fan-base, but they executive needed to take a leading role.

As part of lobbying and criticising our fans and our contribution to the cause, it may sound harsh but in the hard talk there are benefits. The last story we did about replica jersey would have qualified for the next book just well. In that way, records of things intended or done are captured for life. Generations to come would see how committed we were for the cause and love for iBosso.

All hope is not lost. Readers of this forum, few as they maybe, take upon themselves to print and forward the ideas to the executive. And survy as they are, they will listen and take action. The project may benefit me and make me very rich. Who cares if the team is richer. At this moment that I am not going to bed hungry, the club coffers tell a different story. Without looking at what happens to my pocket, the focus must be on the club's gain.

This raises eyebrows and that is exactly the point. I will not lie or pretend that I will donate all the money to the club. The reason why I am not a billionaire is being too frank and I love it. I rather tell it bare and lose than fake and gain. I always advocated that the club must engage even greedier people to enter business in partnership.

The weakness of the leadership and fans alike is the love for saints. The good people who are polite and generous. That must stop. The only way to succeed is have people who love money, those who will spend sleepless night chasing the dollar and will never allow their coin slide under the door of a neighbour. While ensuring the scruples of the business, these people must be ruthless in dealing with debt. They must be those whose life depends on it.

The old-fashioned love of the bourgeoisie is extinct. The pride of loving Bosso that is broke and shameful is useless and pathetic. The team deserves lovers who die for it when chips are down or the tide is up. Those who will pay and contribute generously and guard their interests jealously.