Sunday, January 6, 2013

Interesting tranfers so far.

The scuffle between Manchester City's black and white Italians during the week may overshadow some funny transfer news. One can write a book by Roberto Mancini and Mario Ballotelli. Why always them? Let's talk about Robin van Persie, Demba Ba, Daniel Sturridge.

Ba is a top-class striker and Chelsea a world-class team. Not just because they are European champions or that they have been to the Fifa Club World Club. These two's marriage is not my favourite. Ba is a clinical finisher and the cleaner the supply, the deadlier the man.

Like Fernando Torres, when the river runs dry, that form deserts him badly, and The Blues replicated the deal that cost them a lot of money when signing Torres, but I hope they get different results. The tall former Newcastle United hit man is well suited to play for Manchester United, who play to deliver opportunities for attackers on a silver platter.

By saying that, Robin van Persie would thrive at Chelsea as he can toil for the ball, create opportunities for himself and other much better that both Torres and Ba. It is harder to understand The Blues let Daniel Sturridge to The Reds exactly for the same reason.

Sturridge was denied opportunities at Chelsea when he looked set to realise his potential. He may actual come of age alongside Suarez and Sterling. All this points to what may be bad business by Chelsea but if I am wrong, I hope I am because I am a big Ba fan, then they may reap good rewards.

To try and prove a point both Chelsea and Ba performed exceptionally well in thumping The Saint 5-1. Southampton played well as usual, until the sucker punch from The Blues. Ba did not star but the two goals began to draw comparisons between him and Torres. What the two need is know they can work together.

As for Rafa the gaffer, he has to let them play alongside and leave them to partake in offensive duties. Chelsea can play any team with just nine players.