Thursday, January 3, 2013

Harry's QPR take Chelsea to the cleaners.

Unlike many charismatic managers, Harry Redknapp has a special place in my heart, with or without reason. He is one man who took my sympathy from Arsenal to Tottenham Hotspur. He has not many fans and believe me he does not care.

The sweet 0-1 win over Chelsea at Stanford Bridge may count for nothing at the end of the season, but that was an extra further among plenty on the man's cap. Those struggling to love the man always talked about his backroom stuff. A good back has good backing vocalists and management stuff.

Harry had good times at Portsmouth and even West Ham United before then. His best years were at Spurs recently until he lost focus on the possibility of coaching England. Then, he appeared to hold almost two jobs at the same time and in the blink of an eye, he was jobless.

He may have the best years at Queens Park Rangers as he tries to resurrect what Africans would call a dead donkey. Now matter how low Rangers will finish under his command, if they survive the chop, this should be the fattest worm of his early mornings.

It will be hard to judge how difficult his task is at the end of the season, no matter the log standings. This will be due to the effect of the result against Chelsea. That victory may open doors for the team in a way that may make their 3 point collections casual. If a team needs motivation, there is no better opportunity than beating European champions, the Chelsea of Roman Abramovich of Stanford Bridge, London.

To many teams, it would be expected, even now by some, that the win was just a one night stand by QPR, by Harry does not do one night stands. He is in it to make babies. There is no doubt that there was extra motivation for the league anchors.

They needed points more than anyone in the Premiership. Shaun Wright-Phillips is an ex-Chelsea player and had, maybe not exactly a point to prove, but, some fond memories of his former home and it became an emotional home-coming. Chelsea rested their talismatic midfield orchestra of Mata and Hazard. The intentions were good but one is inclined to think it backfired on Rafa Benitez.

For QPR, they must have believed they had a chance but that is a remote assumption as that Chelsea could have easily beaten Manchester United any day. On his part, Harry rested probably the proud, over payed and overrated goons.

Those entrusted with carrying the club on their shoulders made it a point to take the chance to cement their positions, or just to make louder claims to be noticed in future matches. One expects that there will be no changes to the winning team, but the old horse may taste the FA Cup. As for the league, Harry must stick to the side that delivered.

With or without our love, Harry is the man.