Saturday, January 29, 2011

Torres and Liverpool now a tired story

Too much speculation just kills my appetite. That is why I was never tempted to say anything about Fernando Torres of Liverpool. Rumour mongers are having a field day and that's good for them. Him leaving Liverpool for whoever and Luis Suarez coming in will never be big news for me. For Liverpool fans, anything Liverpool is news.

Torres has been 50% what a striker should be and he is their best player. Hopefully, Suarez will be keeping goals as he did in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa in the quarter-finals against Ghana. Liverpool will do with such antics until everybody comes to the party.

Another unnecessary speculation has been that of Edwi van de Saar successor. Whoever it may be, it may never make a difference to Manchester United. May be United fans really care about some special, but any goalkeeper will fit into the United set-up at this moment as they not struck a particular playing pattern.

The is news that Higglanders of Zimbabwe has secured a huge sponsorship for the season from a supermarket chain, Buscod. The deal is worth US$94000,00. As earlier reported, and from my personal experience, that is a coach's annual salary. Companies must chip in with salaries of assistants and players. There will be need for travel and accomodation expenses.

For their gesture, people need to support the business fully and it is hoped the players will step up their act and take off from where they left.