Thursday, January 27, 2011

Liverpool in good win, Spurs hunting.

It is known how vicious a dog can be after it tastes blood. Now, we are taking of a hungry 'teenage' lion cub that has the strangth, pedigree and opportunity. There is one thing lacking for the inexperienced wild beast; killer instinct.

Tottenham Hotspur seek Diego Forlan for GBP 9,000,000. Their fairy tale Champions League run and now within striking distance of the Barclays Premier League title, they have just woken up to see anything is possible. Gary Bale has been a revelation and the arrival of injury prone Rafael van der Vaart. It remains if they will get the Diego deal done.

Anyway, the story is that Liverpool are back and I congratulate them. I will not be a prophet of doom nor be a bearer of bad news. No matter how the win comes in, a win is a win. Their victory over Fulham takes them to the highest point they ever been this season. That is huge news.

I have been numbed by headlines today of veteran Manchester United goalkeeper, Edwin van der Saar, retiring. I thought we knew it all along. I was wrong. Anyway, we will be sending our cards and hope to be playing in the testimonial match soon.