Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Manchester rule, unfortunately

As if to confirm that a team does not have to be good to win the Barclays Premier League, Manchester United retained their position at the summit of the log with a Dimitr Berbetov show of a brace over Blackpool. United of a few years back, deservedly won several league titles on their own quality performances. The deception of pretenders to the throne coming in to add the numbers has always been with us.

For over a decade now, the championship has been decided on how well Manchester United played. It is unfortunate that this time, regardless of their below par exhibitions, they rule the roost. It could be that they are experienced enough.

Arsenal, for their part, are talented enough. Manchester City and Chelsea are rich enough. At the end of the day, this season, no matter how much United are not turning up, there is really nobody to raise a finger for the championship they own. It may be too early, as they always tell me, but then, should the champions lull for the rest of the season and wake up on the last day? Chelsea should know better.

Dispatching a small team like Ipswitch should never be any cause of celebration, unless you have not had anything to show for your footballing prowess. The Gunners booked a berth in the Carling Cup final with a neat 3-0 victory. It never was a big  deal to win the respected Carling Cup, unless it would be in conjuction with the Premiership, Championships' League or indeed the FA. We will let the Gunners celebrate this one. It will be a very long wait for anything bigger.