Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to set up an attack

Once the team building process has developed from the goalkeeper, defense organization and midfield preparation, the offensive part is pursued.
Before we engage the actual issues, it must be noted that the goalkeeper, centre back, central midfielder/anchor/destroyer and a good striker form the team spine.

whether you play with one, two or three strikers, you need to employ tactics in the team that will allow one extra fresh player to execute an attack when ball possession is regained.

In the case of a lone striker, think of his abilities. 

Can he play alone as a target man, that is, turning and running or dribbling towards the goal?

Or does he hold on to the ball, screen the defenders off the ball while waiting for support from attacking midfielders who must feed off him? 

Playing with two strikers requires assessing your style of play as a coach critically and other players involved in the attack. 

The two strikers may play square alongside each other or in tandem, one in front of the other. 

When pressing high, football intelligence is critical.

It is unwise to work hard to win the ball up high and when the ball is won, the team has no energy to use it

Attackers need to work antagonistically like pistons during defending high or pressing in the attacking third.

This means that if one attacker approaches the ball, the next one must withdraw a little
body language is key.

The player approaching the ball needs to move in a way to force play in a certain direction.
This gives the trailing player the ability to anticipate well and get a better chance to retrieve the ball.

Tactically, the team is in attack when they have possession of the ball. It means the goalkeeper may initiate many attacks in a match and the attacking tactics must start with him.

The ball distribution from him, that is the ability to accurately pass the ball to a teammate quickly is very critical

This is so, because the team attacking strongly to end the ball with the goalkeeper is out of balance defensively.

The quick and accurate ball release takes advantage of this instability as a counter-attack in initiated. This is the other crucial reason why a team must have a fresh attacker free, possibly along the centre line on the wings.

In attack, the pace is everything. Good offensive teams have quality players who think quicker and act faster.

The margins, in this case, may mean a difference between a good team and the champions. 

Happy coaching folks.