Friday, August 11, 2017

Highlanders: Bobby's Circuit Warm Up

Previously at some post, we detailed a Bobby Circuit warm up routine. Continuing from that, the over and under pattern would repeat itself until the leaders were in front and everyone was done.

The next exercise entailed the front pair sprinting 10 meters and then lay on their stomachs flat on the ground, heads towards each other but creating a 1- meter wide corridor, and the next two doing the same and laying about 2 meters further.

This allowed the whole crew to sprint at full stride over an array of flat bodies.Then the leading pair knelt on all fours, facing each other with about a meter space in between them.

The following pair hopped feet together over the human obstacles and kneeling on all fours, in the same manner, leaving enough space for one to hop over once without
hurting anyone. 

The routine went on until the leaders were in front and everyone had their turn. The benefits of this complete physical condition and cardiovascular and respiratory preparation, was harmony amongst players, as the exercise was such fun.

There would be enough recovery time after each bout of exercise. Pairs always enjoyed competing.