Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is Di Canio's end coming so soon or it was brilliant Benteke?

Not being a fan of Paolo Di Canio, I somehow feel sympathetic about the 6-1 drubbing Sunderland received from Aston Villa. I have been to Villa before and think they have the right ideologies of the game and also that they should not be where they are now. By contrast, I do not know the Italian mentor, save for his much publicised antics as a player and coach.

That gives me an opinion that has shaped a certain figure in the game. Remember how one popular English politician ran after Di Canio's appointment to the post? Characters like him can be charismatic and appealing. As coaches, they do not possess the acumen needed for the job but float with their comic ways and 'playing t the gallery'.

I had a piece on this page, about how easy it is for such to get results without methods. The problem becomes the lifespan of such manipulation of the players. The methods swing between blackmail and sheer ridicule and 'escapeism'. The results may swing from very good and very bad in short spells of time. What actually keeps them employed is the other scenario where results come while their charisma lasts.

At the 'sale-by' date, teams crumble and the big paying masters begin to wonder. At the flip of a finger, these coaches are hired elsewhere for the routine to come full circle. This is just one event. Di Canio may be different. Sunderland may have switched off just for the night. I only hope it is. If not, they will be fighting for their status in the league from early on in the coming season.

I remember watching an interview while he was coaching at a lower level. He strongly criticised his players in very bad and embarrassing ways. I like his ability to speak his mind anywhere anytime to anyone about anybody. It is one thing thing to be frank and another to be rude. One can never be diplomatic all the time but once in a while, one has to think twice.

I am yet to hear his thoughts about the game, but knowing how he is being looked upon at his new role, he has apologised to the fans, maybe a sign of changing times or we are still to get it, especially about the players. I cannot guarantee they have not been told in their faces but soon, we will hear about.

Again, let me praise the predatory of hat-trick hero, Cristian Benteke. I am a big fan of his. I hope he keeps it up and congrats to Villa for their incredible victory.