Monday, April 29, 2013

Gareth Bale star of the game as Luiz Suarez embarrases

We grew up knowing rugby players have leather balls. In dressing room pep talks, we encouraged players to develop leather skins, and now literally, players need leather skins.
The trouble magnet in Luiz Suarez made it irresistible for fellow professional to boo him at a function to honour England's best performers. I am not sure how proud he was to be among them but man who stoop that low don't care an inch. 
Thanks to his dentsist, because his teeth are not that sharp as we saw. Suarez faced racist accusations before, among other small issues in England. In Holland, he also bit an opponent. He is football enemy number one in Africa after his 'Hand of the Devil' blockage of Asamoah Gyan's 2010 South Africa Fifa World Cup quarter-final winner.
This could be the beginning of his end, a man-made end that can only be described as self-destruction. While he is recycleable, Liverpool seem to honeycoat the whole saga, presumably to wipe away the shame and make him a good disposable material. 
This must not take the shine off Gareth Bale's deserved PFA and YPFA accolades, but many won and faded. His big money move, like many others before, may put the final nail in that coffin.
In the recent past, the years of Tottenham Hotspur's ascendance, he was the catalyst of their ruthless slaughters. By design or by default, it became the death knell to Arsenal's beautiful but sterile game.
One hopes that Bale keeps his feet on the ground, stays at White Hart Lane and gets a good paycheck from Mr Levy. For all that to happen, Spurs need to pull off some stunts and acrobatically land in the Champins League.
Unless the Londoners do that, which they need to by hook or crook, the Welshman's future will never be the same. I am not convinced of his potential to blossom elsewhere, unless it is at Manchester United, and Sir Alex Ferguson has not jotted his name on his shopping list, but the man is known for his aces up the sleeves.
That said and done, congratulations to you Gareth. See you soon.