Monday, March 11, 2013

Suarez's actions are totally racist

I praised the exploits of one Mousa Dembele, the name by which I am now known by here in West Central Africa. His performance against Liverpool was almost to prove me right, only that the whole team structure collapsed after an unforced error followed by another. Liverpool deserved to win 3-2 but Tottenham Hotspur were the better team until their gift to the Reds.

Amongst other bad thing Luiz Suarez does to other people, I seem to pick up the ones he does to blacks. To many people who live out of Africa, the less politically informed, racism is what people say to other people of a different race. That is not the case. As a black African, call me nigger, kaffir or just black as long as the intentions, emotions and mindset is innocent of evil and exploitative derogatory attitude.

Racism is the mentality that one is stupid because of their race - black. Words can be empty but those who carry the attitude do not have to say the words. Suarez's behaviour against Dembele deserves sanctions and imagine if I was the man with the authority to carry the verdict. He could have called the Belgian of Malian origin, 'sweetheart or sweetpie' for all he cared, but that behaviour is purely racist.

I have seen that several times where Suarez just 'mis-acts' and then run away from the situation as if caring only about his own business of football. I would not have been forced to write this if it was once, twice or thrice but it is now a worrying trend since his high profile case against Patrice Evra. By the time someone really wants to make a case, the dynamics will have scurried off in another direction, but without accusing the Uruguayan as racist, his acts are.