Monday, December 24, 2012

FA courses the best?

It is tempting to accept that the FA International License is an UEFA A or Pro License as has been reported elsewhere. The last post tried to put things into perspective but let us get a little more detail in.

Content for this level came from UEFA C and B scopes of work but very much compressed. Awarding of the certificate varied depending on the individual evaluation of the participants by the course tutors. Recommendations were made for attendance of different UEFA Licenses accordingly.

The FA material has been deemed high level that their domestic programs are the UEFA equivalents. This makes more sense that the awards were strict to protect their name. Elsewhere, many of us would have been recommended for very high grades as other association would love to market their products overseas.

This program accommodated a variety of coaches with vast differences of the understanding of the game and it necessitated a lot of patience from the experienced people in the group. Asking all the questions and responding to each and every question asked had the potential of breaking down others. It would lead to more discussion from the participants than the delivery of the contents from the tutors.

I must say that at the end of the day, the benefits were immense and the experience invaluable. While I will take time to evaluate the course in comparison to one of the same nature and content from Brazil, it is not out of question how the English benefitted from this kind of operation in the long run.

For an example, like in many international courses, the hosts expose the participants to their football philosophy and how they intend to achieve that. In the learning process, these candidates embrace comprehensively the aspects they are fed with.

This leads to adoption as a personal coaching philosophy to many. Those utilising these methodologies become predictable to these institutions’ coaching stuff, if they were to reach the national teams or clubs playing international football. It does not necessarily make it easy say for English teams playing my teams after getting my badges from there, but it would be easier to predict.

While the sessions are delivered, one thing for sure, it is not possible to duplicate and implement the styles and understand them in totality. It remains an individual thing. One thing to know is that there are no ‘secrets’ in football and this is one ‘secret’ they will tell you and as you guessed it, the federations conducting these lectures will never reveal the ‘secrets’.

With all due respect to other football associations around the world, while they offer up to UEFA Pro License, you cannot be further from the truth in taking it with a pinch of salt if it is not from the FA and to get it from there, you may have to break a bank or move house to England. Either way, you pay with body and soul but when you finally get it, you know there is no better prize for all you invested in it.